Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Laser Hair Removal :: 7th Appointment w Pictures!

In response to several readers' comments that their American Laser Center technicians are not nice, I thought it a good idea to introduce some of the ladies from my American Laser Center office. Just to show that they do exist. Now, I understand that not everyone's technicians are going to be nice. Believe me. I'm just showing the ones that I happen to know.

Yesterday, for my 7th appointment (I have finished my 6 appointments and am now 1 appointment into the 2 years of free appointments), I road my bike down at 9:15am in the morning. The office is at 59th street, so I had to book it down Central Park West with my new Nutcase bike helmet and actually showed up on time at 9:30am!

Emily was my technician, and as usual, it was a gab fest. She's a surfer; had a policy to stop coloring her chestnut colored hair, but couldn't deal with the gray and sun damaged orange, so colored it for her brother's wedding; had a brother that got married this summer just like me; is a gemini (I think) just like me; is obsessed with curly hair products just like me except that she really has curly hair; and on and on.
picture of the laser gun, emily in her laser protective glasses, and the bottles of ultrasound goop
Emily is pictured here with the laser gun (the laser part is only about 2" big on the tip - see it in the middle?), wearing her protective green goggles, standing next to the terribly cold bottles of ultrasound goopy jell, that for me, is truly the worst part of the whole experience. With a wooden stick, she spreads it on the area she's going to laser, and then places that laser gun down on my leg or whatever, presses the trigger, the laser shoots through to the hair follicle, and she moves to the next inch on my leg and repeats.

And now meet Claudia. Claudia is the super nice manager who takes all of my calls, even my first one after my first appointment when I said: "I have the red dots on my legs! What do I do!!" and Claudia calmly said: "Did you take a hot shower?" and I said: "Yes..." and she said: "Well, put the after laser lotion on and call me if they don't go away." And of course they went away.
picture of claudia at her desk making laser appointments
Claudia is seated at her desk, where she schedules appointments, consults with clients, and many more activities. She's always considerate and a joy to see. She even let me keep my bike in her office for safe keeping during my appointment.

So now you've met some of the girls in my office. Seriously, if you are in Manhattan (nyc), you should go to this office. It's the 59th street and Central Park South office. Tell Claudia I sent cha. ;) If you go, you'll have celebrity sitings because they are right next to the Essex hotel. The first time I went, I saw Gene Hackman. Yesterday, I saw all of these US Open tennis players with their tennis racquet's - dark and handsome ones.

Here are some quick pictures from my bike ride home, which I took through the Park up the Inner Drive going up the East side:
picture taken from my bike on the inner drive in central park
I took this picture while riding with my iPhone and listening to Tunes in one ear. Taking that picture was very dangerous. Do not try this at home.

picture of nyc k-9 patrol police dogs
I was going to climb the big hill at the top of Central Park, but I spotted these police dogs training in the ball fields! So I had to stop and take a bazillion photos.

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Katie said...

I really wasn't trying to freak people out... I was freaked out. I had my first treatment. It hurt so bad I couldn't talk on the crease of my underarms and the inner part of the bikini line. I don't see a huge difference in hair growth. I really was not trying to "poisen" people against ALC... I used to like to read this blog, but I'm over it.

Mista said...

Hi Katie (if you're checking back),
As a blogger, it's amazing the types of comments that come in, and the types of websites that exist, that it has made this blogger skeptical of what is said - be it about laser hair removal, craig's list, resources for anything, etc.

There are people who's job it is to drop in statements to taint something. Remember the exec at Whole Foods? Posing as a regular forum person about grocery stores or something? It was eventually exposed that he was writing anti-statements about other stores, or foods, and was puffing up Whole Foods - and doing it under an alias.

So. Please excuse my statements. I'll edit the copy. There are people who write in who really don't care about our experiences, they are just promoting other companies. I publish all of the comments I think are legit - good or bad - and I thought I had gotten duped on that one. So, again my apologies.

I have a whole year left to go, and after the 7th, I'm still not looking at 0 hair. It's on the decline, but I'm still shaving. So, I'll be around. I'm really sorry you had so much pain.

Amanda J said...

Hey everyone,

I just found this post and wanted to add my two cents. I'm in year two of my laser hair removal and while I love it, I still have hair. I've had a LOT of treatments. I've kinda resigned myself to the fact that I have really, really stubborn hair. I think I got the best deal of all though, price wise. Brazilian bikini, full underarm and full leg for $2500. I still have hair in all these places but it varies when it comes to thickness. My armpits are 90% hair free as well as my lower leg. My bikini area is astounding all the technicians. It's still a lot less than two years ago, but it's not all gone. I would say it's about 70% hair free. Am I happy? For someone who wouldn't wear sleeveless shirts because there was always a shadow, the answer is YES, YES, YES!!!! It's not perfect, but nothing ever is. Some people respond better to the laser than others. I'm not self-conscious anymore about wearing skirts or sleeveless tops so in my book it's the best $2500 I ever spent. That's my two cents anyway.

laser hair removal new york city said...

Thank you for this useful advice. In terms of shaving prior to laser hair removal, I believe this also helps the treatment to be more effective because more of the laser energy is absorbed by the hair root rather than being wasted burning up any hair that is above the skin. Is this correct in your experience?

HyunChard said...

There's no such thing as permanent hair removal, if you'll talk about Electrolysis or Laser method, then maybe there is, as far as electrolysis is involved. But others, well, it seems like a scam.

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