Sunday, November 25, 2007

Laser Hair Removal : 8th Appointment

The 8th appointment has come and gone. I waited a good 20 days since the appointment to post, to give everything time to admit defeat. As you know, my thighs are very, very stubborn. Here are the stats so far:

thighs: 65% hair loss (but it's a large area)
bikini: 75% hair loss
love trail: 75%

I see that you might be searching for when the hair will "shed" or "fall out." I have never noticed my hair falling out, or shedding. I see that it does not grow back in places. So if it actually falls out, I don't see the pieces. As instructed, I don't pull at it, because that would re-activate the hair follicle somehow. I am only to shave.

That said, my thighs are on the retreat, but the hair is still there, but only grows to about 2 millimeters. Compared with my unshaven calves, my calves can be, you know, woolly, as they would be if you went a few days without shaving in the winter. The thighs, on the other hand, are very noticeably short, like constant soft stubble, but not as prickly.

My one tip for you this time is for the stray pieces of hair in the area that you want zapped. If you shave everything before the appointment, as I'm instructed to do, the technician might not know that there are some stragglers in far left field of your upper thigh. So, I suggest that you do not shave those, and point them out to your technician before she begins. I know they are in a hurry and have other clients. But, patiently take her through all of the areas you want zapped, and you both will be happy.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just curious but how much has all this costed you?

Mista said...

I paid $2000 for the upper leg, bikini, and love trail. I got the financing option, which is through GE's Care Credit, and paid it within one year. The financing package offered 0% APR, but what I didn't know, was that if it was not paid within one year, Care Credit would charge me the "deffered interest," which means I would have to pay the interest I would have had to pay at normal rates of like 11%-20% or something. Around $500 extra. So that's the mean little trick creditors like to play on us, so I like to make everyone aware.

Most likely, your price with ALC, or another laser company, is negotiable, so do your homework, and know what you want to pay.

Jackie said...

Is the hair all gone now?

Mista said...

Hey Jackie, all hair is not gone. I need to update the links on this page! I go for my 12th appointment next week. At my 11th appointment, they did a 'double pass' on me, which is when they go over the area with the laser twice. So...that's the situation!

Anonymous said...

Mista, are you now satisfied with the results or has the hair grown back? I'm curious b/c I JUST signed up for a package for the full face and I'm worried that the 2 year guarantee is a farce and that it's not permanent. Also, everyone's comments say you must shave between and not wax or pluck-- does this mean I have to shave my face during treatments from now on?? Won't it become like a man's face if I shave for the next X years of treatments??

Mista said...

I'm on my 13th appointment as of this comment, and all hair is not gone. I am not an expert, but if I let everything grow without shaving for long enough, something grows back. As for your face, that's what I was afraid of and is part of my procrastination of it. Maybe you could cut it close with scissors? I feel ya! Also keep in mind that the face is hormonal, so you could have new hairs grow as you age.

Tiffany said...

I'm considering getting my bikini area done, but not sure HOW MUCH to do. Any suggestions?

Mista said...

Hi Tiffany,
Get whatever you are comfortable with. Sorry to not give a better answer, but that's really the only one. ;)

Stefany said...

OK so I tried LMX numbing creme, which I bought at Metro Drugs on 14th and 5th Avenue. (I am getting brazilian hair removal) American Laser told me to put it on 1/2 hour before my session and to remove the creme before the session. I tried it didn't help. It still felt like I was being burned. Damn that pain! I was wondering why I even signed up for this during the session...i guess all the pain will pay off when I have no more hair! lol I spoke with a girl there who also said she uses the LMX creme, she said it helps her, she puts it on 45 minutes before a session and puts a lot of it on and saran wraps it after putting the creme on...

Anonymous said...

How much would ONLY the bikini line cost?

tania10 said...

so how many appointments would you take until the hair is gone? .
that would be costly but there will be a great result after all.