Saturday, January 20, 2007

Laser Hair Removal - Appointment #3.5

It's been a while since the last laser update, but to tell you the truth, I'm bored with it. I'm still shaving, so the hair has not disappeared like I thought it would have by now after three laser treatments. Yes, it's thinner, but still persistent. There really aren't any more details to report, other than for my third laser appointment, it's possible that the esthetician and I talked too much, because my appointment ran over, and another esthetician came in to ready the room for a VIP client (aka jerky-man-client-who-is-a-jerk-if-has-to-wait). Yes, she barged in to prepare paperwork and such, which means that I was severely intruded upon during my appointment. I was upset and called the very next day to complain. I considered not including it here on the blog, but a bloggerette has to be honest, doesn't she?

So for my next laser appointment, the appointment to finish the lasering of the last appointment, I of course had the esthetician who barged in on my previous appointment. She asked how I was, and I couldn't resist a passive-aggressive, snippy comment like "I'm fine, unless someone is going to barge in on my appointment again." She looked at me quizzically, and we proceeded to the room. It was uneventful from there, meaning the gross laser jell was still cold and gross, and we actually had fun chatting while I leafed through an Bazaar magazine, imagining how I could make a dress out of raw silk rosettes like what was on the cover. The red bumps that usually happen after a laser treatment really aren't coming. We lasered me on the highest level, and still I wait.

The main highlight, really, is buying that great Crystol Exfoliator from AmeriPure. LOVE IT.

ps: Is a "bloggerette" a girl blogger? just curious.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us informed! I just bought a package with American Laser Centers and would love to know what your results end up being, as I'm a little afraid that I might have locked myself into paying for something that might not work! I have light skin/dark hair though, so I think I'm a good candidate, especially for their diode LightSheer laser.

Mista said...

Will do! I like to think that if the hair does not go away, then that is proof that it did not work! Can't remember the contact I signed, however, if it states that if hair does not go away, then tough luck. But they have photo documented it all the way. I am definitely seeing results. I just thought I would not be still shaving by the 4th appointment! But that could be my assumptions. My friend bought a package of 4 with her dermatologists, and she has had them all and still needs to go back. Unlike American Laser Centers where you buy 6 and then get 2 years free for that spot. Or at least I do... Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response Mista! I feel so much better after finding your blog and hearing of your experience. I will keep checking back. Thanks again! :)

Anonymous said...


It's me again from above. :) Do you know what machine they are using on you? I hear most American Laser Centers have switched over to the Amerilaser (diode/RF) and the Amerilight (IPL/RF) now. Supposedly, from the research I have done, the RF machines aren't as effective though. The contract I signed with ALC stated that the LightSheer Diode was available. I have since found out that it's not available at my location, and I'm not sure that I'll be able to get out of my contract, even though it should now be considered void. I'm so upset about this! Would love to know if you're using one of the new machines, and if so, which one! Thanks Mista!

Mista said...

Oh no! I do not know the name of the machine, but I will certainly find out. Today is Sunday, but I'll make a note somewhere for myself to call them. I've had my 4th appointment (out of 6) and have waited to post about it. As you know, I'm still shaving, but am seeing less and slower growth. Check back...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Mista!! :)

Mista said...

My office uses the Amerlight laser. Not sure on the RF. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

4/23/07 - Have had one appt w/ American Laser and have been tracking your story to have an idea what to expect. Am curious to hear what the results are after four appts. Any updates?

Mista said...

To come! Sorry...

Original Anonymous said...

Hi Mista! (I'm the first Anonymous poster here). :)

Thanks for letting me know your clinic is using the Amerilight! If you're not seeing the type of shedding you are hoping for, from the research I have done, I would suggest trying the Amerilaser, since it's a diode/RF. I would, however, have them not use the RF and only the diode if possible. The diode is a true laser, whereas the IPL (Amerilight) isn't.

Looking forward to learning more of your results. :)

Mista said...

Hi Original Anonymous!
My office, I believe, only uses one laser, the AmeriLight. Also, this AmeriLight seems to really be a laser. I'm not sure why you say it's not a laser? There is a red beam coming from it, I wear green protective goggles, and it goes into my skin without breaking the skin. So...what gives?

As for shedding, of course I would like to not be shaving at the 5th appointment. But I am. And I suspect that I am not alone, amoung people NOT even using American Laser Centers.

Upon closer inspection of my hair folicals on my thigh, they are much less visible than on my calf, which has not been lasered. No folicle marks on my bikini (except where I recently made a lower mark b/c I changed my mind on how low to go...but that goes to show the the laser is effective on the original area). My bikini is almost gone, which is nice! The leg is just a much larger piece of real estate with different growth cycles for the hair folicals.

As for asking them to switch, there is one office/room, and one laser machine. So, they are using on me what they have. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Mista, it's Original Anonymous here, haha. :) Thanks so much for keeping us informed! I just posted another comment under the name of Doubtful Customer under you 4th appointment blog explaining more about the Amerilight and why it's not a true laser. On a brighter note though, I got what I would consider excellent shedding with it, and it was much more effective for me than ALC's Amerilaser (their true laser machine)! Of course, it could be due to the expertise of the technicians too... who knows!

Mista said...

Hey Original Anonymous,
I'm glad you are seeing results. My office claims to have switched to the Amerilight because they like it better. I like my technicians, and I've got to believe that they would make a decision in the best interest of thier customers, who if were all unhappy, would lead them to go out of business.

That said, I am not comfortable being the source of what is a laser and not a laser. I'm not a scientist or technician or a lawyer. I am simply a girl who believes in looking for the disappearance in hair growth. I absolutely have seen results. After 6 appointments, I have 80% reduction in the bikini and love trail, and I'd say 30% for my thighs. They are being very stubborn, but is why I am pursuing them. Even though I am a blond, my hair growth is not fine like it is on other blonds. I don't' have that luxury!

Keep us posted.

Original Anonymous said...


Yes, I thought the same about the fact that they probably wouldn't have business if their customers weren't happy.... but, and sorry to be so negative, but because people buy "packaged" deals "upfront," I don't believe this theory can work for them. They have *excellent marketing*, and they then attract people in who *upfront*, spend *lots of money*. I am NOT happy with them, and would NOT keep going back and giving them my money to keep them in business, but I've already spent my money, so I'm trapped. That's how they stay in busines.... excellent marketing and packaged deals to trap people with. If more people would post on-line about their bad experiences, and people would take the time to do a little research before buying a package, I doubt they'd be doing so well.... Anyway, that's just my little theory... :)

Oh, and despite the fact that I had great results with the Amerilight, my location refused to let me use the Amerilight again for my next appointment saying that I need to give the Amerilase another chance - go figure! I'm *trying* to have some faith in them though, despite my intuition telling me otherwise....

....Still hoping for the best....

Mista said...

Hi Original Anonymous,
That is just too bad about your experience. Totally strange that if you request for something, and the physical thing is there, that you aren't granted it. I do have to post about my 6th appointment, and I'm letting a few rounds of shaving go by so that I can study the growth and report on it.

Sorry again for your bad experience! I try to keep it honest here at FashionMista, so keep checking in. And like you, I will remain hopeful, but not with rose colored glasses on.

Original Anonymous (hahaha - such an inspired name!) said...

Thanks Mista! I really appreciate your honesty on your blog, and it makes me feel better that someone as cool as you also chose ALC! :) I really believed they were "the best" when I signed up! ...ah, at least I've learned a good life lesson... three actually, from this! #1: Always research beforehand (a quick internet search would have sent me running!); #2: Never buy "packaged" deals, because the company then doesn't have to treat you well, as they already have your money. #3: Beware of contracts, and never sign without first taking them home and looking them over first - I signed mine *at the office!* Yikes!

If I don't get good results with the Amerilase at my next appt., I'm going to ask to come in again for a "do-over" with the Amerilight. I'm hopeful!

Congrats on getting your new business going, by the way! That is very exciting, and I so admire anyone that can do that!

Mista said...

Thanks, Original Anonymous!

I did about zero research and went in blindly after seeing a Daily Candy ad. I was already pumped to proceed with laser, since my friend had success (though not with American Laser, but with another company, although she thinks her people are mean). If you didn't see, I posted on my 6th appointment. I'm glad I did it, and unlike you, I do have the nice people.

But at the end of the day, it's all about that hair growth disappearing! I totally wish you the best. Be bitchy! That's what I do. And then I'm nice again. ;)

Anonymous said...

So I am wondering if anyone has done the skin tightening procedure at ALC. I just dropped $1350 for six appointments. Now I am reading this (although it is all about hair removal) and wondering if I just made a mistake. Time will tell, and I have my first procedure in a few days, so I will let you know!

lijialefw said...
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Jason Mandrix said...

Thanks for sharing your experience in regards to laser hair removal treatment. just wondering why the hair keeps coming back, with all of my mind undergoing such treatment means that it is a permanent hair removal method.

How is it going right now anyway?

shania said...

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