Monday, August 27, 2007

Update on the Proposal Front

So. It has been declared by friends, namely Literary Mista, over Vynl-tinies at the new Vynl at W. 84th and Columbus (it's actually between W. 84th and W. 83rd), that I am in a No Movement Zone, or a Waiting Zone, or something much more clever that the martini wiped from my mind. Literary Mista is one of the original creators of the I Will Propose To This Man Damnit, so she is tracking every move. And the truth is, here are the movements thus far:
  • I have been banned from David's laptop. I had shut down my laptop and jumped on his to check something, and David jumped up to clear his History, asking what was I doing on his computer. This is not his normal reaction when I get onto his computer.
  • If I get in a nit-picky fight with him, which is only when I haven't eaten, the new card he gets to play is: "I've been shopping for you, and it's been fun. So, stop being mad."
  • There was a secret phone call David took while we were vising his family in Columbus. He claims it was to arrange buying Ohio State football tickets, which are very hard to get. The call came in on his brother-in-law's phone, and David took it outside, into the 99 degree humidity for 15 minutes. And took notes. Which I was not aloud to look at. Coincidence?

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