Monday, August 20, 2007

Pink (and green) Girly Bike Helmet from Nutcase

pink green nutcase girl bike helmet on bikeDavid and I have been jet setters - in his car. We drove to Maine and back, then Columbus and back, and just this weekend to a lake house and back (only an hour away). All of this mobile working has gotten me quite used to throwing my laptop over my shoulder and working wherever there is wireless. In Columbus, I was so desperate to send out an email, that I drove David's car 2 minutes to the nearest Panera to camp out in their parking lot to catch some wireless waves from outside of the store at midnight. David's nephew saw me sitting there, alone, in the car, with only the light from the laptop filling the car, and I could not have felt like a bigger nerd. Or Geek Girl, as I'm calling it.

Anyway. Back to bike helmets. So I really like getting dressed, packing up, leaving the house, and camping out in a cafe with wireless. While David and I were in Columbus, his sister took us to her favorite bike store, Roll, where we found the cutest girl bike helmet ever from Nutcase Helmets. She already had it, so I copied b/c I could not resist the pink, but there are loads more on their website,! It was either this pink one with stars, or this Evil Knievel one, but Evil wasn't in my size. And if I had the Evil Knievel one, I would probably fall off of my bike more often. Ooh, but do check out this pink girl football helmet one, bottom row.

So, this means I've really been taking the office on the road via bike! It is so fun! I just pack up, hop on my bike with my new pink bike helmet, new pink super easy to use bell to alert sidewalk people I'm about to plow over, and start my day.

pink green nutcase girl bike helmet to work

I've looked up where to buy these helmets, and Columbus seems to be all the fashion! It's one of a few stores that carry Nutcase Helmets:
Bike Gallery: Potland OR
Roll: Columbus OH
Blue Line: Houston TX
Earl's Cyclery: Burlington, Vermont
J & R Bicycles: Largo, Florida
Sun Cycling Center: Hialeah, Florida
Bicycles Beau Bien: Montreal, Canada

Ooh, and check out this new pink Paul Frank Chopper bike also available at Roll. Where have I been while all of these bike fashions were coming out???
paul frank chopper girl pink pink


Nice Jewish Girl said...

That bike helmet is so rad!! Makes me want to go out and get a bike just so I can wear the helmet!

I LLUVV YOU!!! said...

omg i tottally luuvvv this XOXOXO