Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lost in Transfers

Sorry I've been neglecting the blog! There's lots in my mind to get out to you, like an emerging designer interview with a woman who makes the little wallpapers for cell phones and how she makes a living at it, David dropped a bomb (not marriage) and I'm still in disbelief, and what's on my Christmas list.

I just got a big order of jewerly pouches and checkbook covers in, which led me to dabble with the PayPal invoicing, which was very fun and I suggest you try. I can even print packing slips from it! Come on over to Katie James to buy some little Christmas presents!

I've been sewing and making new key chains, which everyone is getting for Christmas. Yay! But need to get more fabric for. But as for tonight, I've just come from visiting old Kelly From Work Who Is Now Engaged in Brooklyn and an hour and a half later I'm home! It took about 5 trains (the C to the E to the wrong way on the E to the G to the G back home to the E that wasn't running anymore, to the 7 somewhere else above ground, to the 2/3 express at Time Square to a warm cab finally 14 blocks from home). David put up the Christmas lights on the tree and in our kitchen, so it was plenty warm and cozy! Stay tuned for better updates!



kelly from work said...

I am sooooooooo dissapointed about what's on this right now! HAHAHAH i need to know the bomb! DO TELLLLL

Mista said...

Patience, my child! My eyes are burning with exhaustion after the commute home from your apartment! I was lucky to squeeze this out! Dovid loves the muffins and croissants you sent me home with though!