Thursday, December 08, 2005

D.A.D.'s Christmas List

My D.A.D. (otherwise known as Dad Against Democrats) needs a Christmas present and the books I've been giving him (Silverado, then a killer shark one) just aren't doing it. Solution? DailyCandy to the rescue! I and a few others spotted on the DailyCandy the Evergreen Watering System which is a wrapped gift box disguised as an automatic watering can for the Christmas tree!

In the name of ending needless frustrations in a marriage, when the man is supposed to take care of the tree and sometimes forgets to, except when it comes to vacuuming pine needles, my dad shall have the Evergreen Watering System. I thought you couldn't get it from their website (but you can! click here! I could swear it wasn't there before). You can also click to see what stores are near you and have one shipped! I chose a highly praised hardware store in Katonah, NY called Kellogg's and Lawrence, and they are shipping it to me straight away. Affordable, too! Only $24.99 or something, and a little cheaper when bought directly from their site!



Anonymous said...

Last year I got him army rations (dehydrated meatloaf/potatos with a side of beans and a brownie) It was a hit, he loves shit like that. I'm pretty sure he ate it that night.

Mista said...

Is that my dear sister commenting? You're such a good gift giver for our dad.