Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mr. Clean: My New Hero

I was walking this evening home from the little workshop who is making my latest order of jewelry pouches and checkbook covers, when I decided to go to the grocery store for supplies. Cleaning supplies. And organic chicken.

He was barely noticeable at first, quietly sitting on the shelf amongst other cleaning products I don't need. But something about the zooming little sponge darting around the box caught my eye. It was Mr. Clean and his Magic Reach cleaner thing. Just this morning, while cleaning the surfaces with Murphy (a great guy - has a very sexy, musky smell) in the spray bottle, I noticed the crusty buildup that was happening behind the toilet where my mop can never reach. Looked like serious soap scum. Anyway, with a wink, it was as if Mr. Clean read my mind. He nodded and modestly boasted about how his Magic Reach could easily clean behind the toilet. He was over-priced at this store, but I picked him up and took him home. Or I guess, he picked me up. David's out of town, and he must have been able to tell.

I had a date with Garrison tonight, but Mr. Clean didn't mind. I took the Magic Reach out of the box, put it together in ten seconds, slid on the special Mr. Clean mop pad thing, and went to work on the bathroom floor. The Magic Reach glided over the tiles - until it got to the crusty part. This cleaning device is definitely not for heavy cleaning, but with a few deft turns of the 'mop', it cleared all grime. Stretching its use, I took it to the kitchen for a quick one-over. No problem.

Then I switched out the floor pad thing, and put on the tub and wall pad thing (they both come with the starter kit). I wet it under the faucet and oh my god. I covered the whole wall in three seconds! It even got rid of the mysterious orange stuff that builds up between the tiles with just a little flick of my wrist! Mold and orange stuff just disappeared before my eyes with hardly any effort from me. This is going to take years off my life, as I often spend too long on Saturdays during my weekly cleaning, standing on the side of the tub to reach the high parts of the walls, sweating in my rubber gloves, clumsily but tirelessly scrubbing in circles until every inch was covered.

I'm very happy with my purchase. As for getting the suds off the wall, the directions didn't say. So I took the lazy way out and left them. But not before I stuck a Bounty onto the Magic Reach, wet it, and rinsed. I'm left with a nice lemony smell to take me through the second half of Garrison's show.

You can buy the Magic Reach here! (or in any drugstore) It's cheaper on Amazon (like $11.99) than for what I bought it for tonight. You can also get the scrubbing tub and shower pads here! Plus, if you buy it through FashionMista, I get commission! Isn't that special.



Anonymous said...

What I do is use my hand held shower head to rinse the suds away with the hottest water and let the tile air dry to a sparkling shine.

This is the greatest tool ever made, IMHO, but I can't find any floor pads anywhere!

Mista said...

Good idea! I don't have a removable shower head, but if I did, that would be perfect.

Is the floor pad not here? I looked in Amazon and maybe found it?