Friday, June 03, 2005

Lunch with Uma and Ethan!

KellyW took me for my birthday lunch to the Shake Shack (best burger in NY!), and who do we see but this blond on the phone, beckoning to her son to leave his Legos to come help her order. We looked closer, and closer, and ... there was Uma's nose and her hair back in a bun thing!

It was all pretty normal. You line up outside this shack in Madison Square Park, read off an FAQ board what is in the burgers, and how to order them, get confused at all the possibilities, place your order, and wait for them to call you. Well, Uma ordered, wearing an yellowish/orange zip up hooded sweatshirt, CUTE pink and white layed t combo - very Anthro - khakis and sandals. Her eyes were like a hawk (no pun intended) all over her son, making sure he was sticking around. Uma completed her order and headed to find a table, when out of left field swoops in Ethan, his shaggy hair slicked back, wearing a red-ish zip up sweatshirt, jeans and a studded belt. They talk, she leaves for the table, the kid runs over Kelly's toe, and Ethan goes to pick up the Legos their son left on the ground under the FAQ sign (he really liked hiding under it) beside the line of people.

End of the story? Not quite. Not only could I not think of what to order because I was so distracted with how not to look like I was staring at them, but the only table that was left was near them. Kelly and I waited for our order, when they called "Ethan!" Pinch me, but he didn't come. Then they called a number, like "561!" which was unusual, and still no one came. So, the guy behind the counter left to go get them - he didn't bring Ethan and Uma's food to them, mind you, he just told them it was ready for them to pick up. So Ethan picked it up. Then 2 people picked him up, chatted, and Ethan went back to his table.

Lunch was great. The kid ran around the table. Ethan and Uma talked. To eachother, and a bit on the phone. Ethan had a hotdog, Uma had a burger, which inspired Kelly and I to get dessert. Then they left to go play with the kid on a statue like a normal family.

"Overall impression? Good." - Kelly Waldron's rating of Uma and Ethan.

More impressions:

"Uma? She's just kind of there. She's not a head-turner. But she's pretty. And she's skinny, but a tall person skinny." - Kelly
"Yeah, she's normal skinny, but without love handles." - Katie

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