Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thrifty Boutique

While we're on the topic of maternity and baby and toddler clothes, let's all take a look at Thrify Boutique. Not because they've included FashionMista in their 'must click' links, but because they are a nifty, thrifty boutique specializing in good deals and showing off cute stuff from my new obsession, indie designers.

Like, who knew that dad needed a diaper bag? There are a couple of Mistas out there that are going to need The Diaper Dude!

available on (cute site!)

And these...

And THESE delights from

Thrifty Boutique shows lots more than kid stuff...check 'em out!

PS: who's watching Martha Stewart's Apprentice show tonight??

This early evening's links point to:
Thrify Boutique


content in cleveland said...

I watched Martha's show. They didn't show her ankle bracelet- Darn, I wanted to see it. It was entertaining and has some promise. I am glad that they fired Jack; he was AWFUL!

Mista said...

I know! I wanted to see how 'easy' it is to take off. Jack was aweful. I tuned in for the last 20 minutes (had to get a burger). David tried to refuse to watch it, stating that the Yankees game was more wholesome. Whatever. I like her letter writing technique. Interesting.

Just when I thought I don't watch a lot of tv. Now I've got Gilmore Girls on Tuesday, Martha Wed., and Trump on Thursday. Darn.

cbert said...

hi mista

love ur site.. can we swap links ? i cant find ur email

New York City Mouse said...

Mista! I love those booties. I actually squealed from delight at them. Wowza! Won't someone get pregnant so I can buy them the booties?

Mista said...

i thought you'd like those, NYCM!