Monday, August 22, 2005

Indie Designers

OMG. I just posted a whole slew of a post about my epiphany about my designs and indie designers, when I overeagerly overloaded Safari, and the whole thing quit, and my big epiphany disappeared. But that's ok. It was getting too long.

The point was this: I'm proud at the look of my designs, and I'm proud of the fact that I use old designer fabric sometimes (I've been scoffed at by a boutique owner of high-end stuff).

See here:
Ralph Lauren of no year of importance sold this extra fabric to Mood...

...and I snatched it up to make a couple bustiers:

And here:

This is a katelette lined in Marc Jacobs, but its body is constructed out of my old jeans.

That same boutique owner embarrassingly told me that upon looking at my checkbook cover, her friends thought they looked 'a bit homemade.' This might have been the beginning of my epiphany, which has been fueled now by the discovery of these indie designers who make what they please and what makes them happy.

So, it's becoming clear to me that the 'homemade' look is quite fitting for me, and that it is very much ok to produce. I make useful things that are dripping of prettiness (and rugged for the men) and that's all I'm going to say about that.

So, here are some interesting indie designers you might want to check out:

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