Thursday, September 22, 2005


They're here! The Baby Phat ones have possibly have the lens reversed, because I'm quite cross-eyed in them. But here they are!

alain mikli
so comfortable. these are my website glasses. i tinker with code and hook up mini google search appliances in them...because they are an 'accessory' frame, i need to wear heavy eyeliner on problem!

Baby Phat
yes! the happy glasses!

Cohen's Optical has irritated me, and now I have to go in for the fitting, plus just learned that they were supposed to measure my face to see what size glasses are right for me, which lead to the alain mikli maybe being too wide for me. if the Baby Phat make me an astro physicist, then the alain's make me a german scientist!


Anonymous said...

so those are the imfamous glasses???????

cute, kot!

Beth Danae said...

Nice glasses!

Mista said...

beth nordberg! - that is such a great name!