Friday, September 23, 2005

Scram, Ceaser

Tonight it was discussed, over some Chianti and much bread and freshly shredded parmesan, that David doesn't really read the blog, and is Mistaville OK with that. PS: the title, Scram, Ceaser has nothing to do with tonight's post. It was spoken tonight, and I just felt like making it the title of this post.

For those newcomers: David=Mista Boyfriend.

For example, once in a post, long, long ago, I referred to David as my hero, my wrestler in singlette armor. Kidding. But he was my Rent A Wrestler (and still is...sigh). My for real. However, David thinks he 'lives the blog' and does therefore not need to read it. He and I have discussed this, and after agreeing that he would in fact read it, I backtracked and told him that I preferred that he did not read it. That way, I could write uncensored of any "you should say..." farfignugan. There. I said it. I told him not to read the blog. But should he listen?

Seperately, David conveniently commented on my outfit this evening as having a "feminine butch" touch. Yes. He said it. The whole thing started when David asked our dinner mates, Pregnant Patty and the Father how they felt about my new glasses. I suggested they made me look a little German. Pregnant Patty thought that I was on the way to looking like a German tourist if I only added red pants and purple boots to the black band t-shirt David got me as a souvenir from a concert he went to. I think I've almost looked like a German tourist for maybe my whole life.


Anonymous said...

im gonna need a close up on that outfit? are those th e birthday jeans? I think dov doesn't need to read the blog, as it's your outlet. however, you do spend a lot of time on the blog and he may want to get clued in to what you're up to. i love it. i love this blog, its my daily ritual to read and its on my little tab bar thing which is fun. how's preg. patty doing?
planning a wedding is a lot of work. I'm tired. and i'm only on week 2. hahaha. im gonna blog about it. KT, ill need to get some pointers from u.

Love, kelly from work ( artist formerly known as)

Mista said...

Employee Formerly Known As Kelly From Work Kelly!

I am so honored that FashionMista is bookmarked for you. I cannot get you a close-up on the outfit b/c I stubbornly took the pictures of myself, and now the batteries died. I think you are right about it being an outlet. As someone else has said: "is nothing sacred?" So, this space will be now forever sacred to Mistas.

Pregnant Patty is good! Why don't you chime in here, Patty!

I can't wait to read your wedding planning blog. I'm so not a wedding planner. I can barely get to them as a guest!