Monday, September 19, 2005

Boyfriend For Hire - A Hero

As promised, here is a testimony from Jen, an internet savvy New York City girl who contacted after reading this FashionMIsta post not for a date, but for a drill:

"You don't have to be desperate to call Boyfriend for
Hire...but I was. I had moved into my new apartment
and realized I had NO floor space. I bought shelves
at Home Depot but three weeks later they were still
stacked on my bedroom floor (taking up MORE space)!I
tried to hang them but I didn't have proper tools (a
powerdrill should be on every girl's wish list!) nor
the physical strength to hold the shelves in place for
marking and drilling. My room was chaos and I
couldn't take it any longer!

BoyfriendForHire was the perfect solution. I called on a Friday
afternoon and my "boyfriend" was at my door less than
24 later. He hung all of my shelving in no time
and there was even time to do other odd jobs. He
brought his own tools and worked efficiently. You
don't have to help your boyfriend but I did and by
watching him I learned a few things too! Their nominal
fee was well worth the piece of mind of having my
bedroom organized and livable. I wouldn't hesitate to
call BoyfriendForHire again and again." -Jen

Ooh la la! I bet even Coupled Girls could call BoyfriendForHire on the sly to get something done that is otherwise not! The price is $75/hour regardless of the work. Jen tipped, but we don't know if that was necessary. Their services really do handyman services, closet remodeling (I think I may need to call them for this), kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling (can they be stopped? the list keeps going!) tiling and flooring, all types of painting and landlord services. Woa! Keep in mind, this is not a paid sponsor. This is really me repeatedly posting on this. I only just now got Jen's testimony in, and had to share.

Here's a sneak peak at the founder:


Kristen said...

Fab idea! Glad to hear you have feedback from a friend. As a single women living in the city I can totally relate to the need for an extra set of hands to get the JOB done. Whatever the JOB.

Mista said...

oohlala! eyebrows raised! ;)

but she was quite happy with him. i think everyone should call to get things done around the house. david did just ask me where the power drill was the other day.

is there anything wrong with that statement? ok, apparently i moved it...(but i didn't...i used it and put it back...)