Saturday, September 24, 2005

Football Saturday


So I forgot that I used to work 4 days, have 1 weekday devoted to fashion stuff, and the weekend to do either fashion stuff, clean the house, and/or go out with friends. These days, I'm not really having that so much, what with traveling to weddings and quick get-a-ways. When David was out of town last week, I eased back into the pattern of eating dinner at 11pm when everything's finished, bumbling around the apartment, bouncing from whatever project to whatever project. But having a boyfriend changes everything when you're trying to start/launch something and you work 5 days a week for a job that you really like and want to do well in, which makes those hours even longer. But I'll add right here, that David is always a good eye with a great logic, so the products always improve when I show them to him. And, the key to having a good boyfriend during all of this is that he has to be supportive and not get jealous of time spent with your computer, or sewing machine, or anything elses that is not him. He understands when I'm in Time Suckage, and knows when to kindly say, "Katie, you haven't moved from that spot in 7 hours. I think you need to eat." Well, ok.

But then came Football Saturday, a guilt-free day of David glued to a TV watching college football! I dated David during college football season, and we moved in together at the end of last year's football season. But this is the first time I get to experience the football obsession from the very beginning. This means that Ohio State still has to maintain its stellar defense, and prove its improved offense, not to mention not having students breaking any rules like accepting major gifts. Then there is Michigan, the arch rival, but you'd want Michigan to win at other games so that the Michigan / Ohio State game will be all the better.

So, with him watching games, tracking scores of all sorts and commentating to his network of fellow college football watchers about fumbles, attitudes, speeches and last year's performance. This leads me to believe I will be able to sail through all that I have to accomplish, which included dashing to the trimming store, sewing a tee shirt, researching shopping carts, researching copyright law for patterns, finishing weekly hours on my client's website, eating breakfast, disinfecting the house after weeks of build-up, vacuuming, fighting allergies, driving Mom to the Newark airport - all without feeling guilty about not spending time with my man on a Saturday.

So, the tee shirt above is what I worked on this particular Saturday for a dog trainer who is going to be going down a runway at a fashion dog show. I can't whip up a new shirt, but I can cut an existing one and sew stuff onto it. Sort of. I was so proud of the sleeve today with the added ruffle, but then saw that the cotton got all stretched out. But there's always Sunday to fix it. ;)


Anonymous said...

if it makes you feel better, Adam's at the Jets game today :)


Mista said...

oh yes, i watched a bit of that! we couldn't go to a jazz fair on our street yet b/c ted nugent, former field goal kicker for ohio state, was proving himself to try to tie the game, which he did 'cause he rocks!

must admit, i kinda heart the football obsession, as long as its balanced (but don't tell david that so that i can still give him a hard time!)

plus, i like the jets. i wish they got the stadium.

Anonymous said...

and now the Giants game is on. No desperate house wives premiere for kellybear.

Mista said...

oh no...did you try the martha stewart movie or gray's anatomy??

Kelly Ohio said...

As an admitted Ohio State football freak, I can only say that your man deserves all of the support you can give him. You also need to make sure you help him celebrate all victories and cheer him up after the very rare loss.

Oh, and Ted Nugent - guitarist/gun nut.
Mike Nugent - All-American kicker for The Ohio State University.

Mista said...

Nugent. Drn! He'd close his eyes and shake his head if he knew I made that blunder.

Yes, I feel for him when he won't pick up the sports from outside our door on a Sunday if Ohio State does not have a victory, which is quite rare.

So, what you're saying is, I shouldn't ignore him totally on game day. And I don't do it out of Anti-Football sentiment. I do it out of necessity to survive. I get 4 hours at least of 'free time' while he's watching the game. But, the key to that is that he is still semi-responsive during the game. Like, he can talk about other things other than what's on the field if I need him to. But during a commercial or quickly inbetween downs. :)

And for the record, Mike Nugent rocks. He's my Ohio State boyfriend.