Friday, July 29, 2005

There's an actual truck parked down the block from me. Had I known this idea would really take off, I would have organized it myself!

Maybe I'm in the dark here and everyone knows about it, but the BoyFriendForHire concept is brilliant. I usually do my own screwgunning around the house, but for those hard to lift jobs, I had to call the RentAWrestler Hotline (now my boyfriend ;) ) and rent a (very) former high school wrestler (who happened to be my neighbor at the time). It helps when you have stong nighbors, or ex-boyfriends, or even potential boyfriends who are looking to score some easy points. I know such a blog stalker who did for a good pal of mine...

You see people, everyone has ideas. You just have to do them! The RentAWrestlerHotline is my fantasy company, and now I see, it could really take off. But click on their link. It's pretty cute.

Shout outs given to:
Country Mice in the City

Psst: a later post has been posted re: a testimony from someone who actually called and used after reading this post!

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