Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Focus Group: dog treat pouch

Ok, team. Katie James Dog needs your help in deciding on a name for the dog treat pouch. Several names have been tossed around. I won't bias you, but I have my favorite. I need your help in this, so if I get no comments, I will be very depressed. Commonly known on this blog as the "dog treat pouch" made of vinyl that attaches onto your belt loop or comes with a cute tie is revolutionizing fanny packs and 'feed bags' as we know them. It is intended to hold messy cookies of all kinds: chicken, hotdogs, turkey, roasted/baked liver strips, etc. This adorable pouch needs a name, and I'd like to know your thoughts. Or if you have a brainstorm, don't hold back.

The choices:
the chow chow
the feed bag
the dog treat pouch
the bait bag

The Pictures:

Me wearing it plus the 'pocket purse' that holds people stuff:



Anonymous said...

Or how about the "Fasion Feastah-Treatsamista". Or just "TreatsaMista" or "Fasion Feastah".. this could go on for days.

Michael suggests "Place where treats come from"

patty said...

I have to go with Chow Chow - it rhymes with Bow Wow and makes me think of fluffy dogs that with lion manes.

Mista said...

This could go on for days! I hadn't thought of it as a mista, but I'm beginning to... This morning's shower thought was The Chow Chow...David does like it, and he's my People Meter...

New York City Mouse said...

I like the chow chow. How fun!

Anonymous said...

The "NeatTreat" or ChowChow or the belt is the ChowChow and the attachments are the "NeatTreat" and "PeepsPouch" or the whole thing could be called the "PoochPouch" or the "ChowChow PoochPouch" OK, I'm getting a little carried away.

Mista said...

wow, i could barely keep up! i like the "pooch pouch." maybe that that could be for the people pouch that is larger that you wear to hold your stuff when walking the dog.

yesterday i was at an embroiderer, and they were trying to sell me some dog vests that the designer had abandoned after going belly up. the vests had pockets on them for the people stuff, like keys. but it had snaps to close the pockets. boy were those snaps hard to close! you'd break your dog's rib closing one of those things ON the dog. sheesh. no wonder they went out of business.