Wednesday, June 22, 2005

How to Get An Awesome Bikini Wax

Yes, awesome. Best time to go? On your worst day, feeling cranky, water-logged or brain-fogged. Go to your favorite girl at your favorite salon and feel the strips of pain awaken your senses!

There is a method, and it involves hot towels, bikini zone, and a heated bed. Read on for how to get the best bikini wax ever, and how to maintain those bumps and ingrown hairs:

The Best Salon for Bikini Waxes

Go Aveda. My favorite salon for a bikini wax in New York is Scott J, an Aveda SalonSpa. Keyword here: Aveda. For a bikini wax with few bumps after, I find that Aveda products are the kindest to my skin (but not facial products...that's a whole different story. my face will only wear Oil of Olay). Aveda means that you can get a bikini wax anywhere in the country that offers Aveda heated waxes and oils.

The Best Price for Bikini Waxes

Pay no more than $28. I tip $5 because it's a bikini wax. Tip more if you like. It's quite a job.

The Bikini Wax Procedure

Lay back on a heated bed (yum!) and listen to soothing music of weird sounds while you stare at walls of soothing yucca green. You get disposable panties (sometimes they're pink!), and a wonderful waxer who goes at just the right pace. She should wear gloves and spread the warm wax on the bikini area with a wooden popsicle stick. Ideally, she should not double dip, and you can request this. She'll lay a 3" x 5" strip down over the still warm wax, pad it, and rip in the opposite direction of the hair growth (ouch!). But the pain goes away in seconds. Note: if your bikini wax is done in 5 minutes, and she's covered quite an area, she's probably going too fast and you might experience more red and bumps and ingrown hairs than is normal. Consider finding another salon.

After she's done, she spreads an Aveda massage oil over the area to remove left-behind wax. You can even do it yourself once she's left if you'd like to be more thorough. Before you're through, close your eyes for the warm towel experience. Picture the warm towel from the sushi restaurant you wipe your hands with, only apply it to your bikini area. The soothing heat calms the nerves and is the perfect wind-down from the bikini wax.

Bikini Maintenance

It's not hard, and very important for ingrowns. Just go to the drug store for some Bikini Zone. You'll find it in the face cream section, but sometimes it's hidden. Before you go to bed, and for the next few mornings after your shower, rub it on with a cotton ball or soft tissue. Let it air dry (so blow dry your hair or put on make-up or something in the meantime). Don't get or use TendSkin, although it's highly recommended by salon people. I don't know what the hell it does, but it smells like alcohol and did nothing for me, $26 later.

ameripure crystal exfoliator skin care treatmentThe Crystol Exfoliator from AmeriPur is awesome. It's like a baking soda paste. You can even use it on your face, which is what I did to get rid of forhead bumps

Especially in the summer, just freshen up by dabbing face toner to reduce clogged pores which can cause ingrown hairs. I use Clinique's #2 toner, and feel quite refreshed! Now, wait about 2-4 weeks depending on your hair growth between waxes, and you're good to go!

I have stopped waxing and gone the way of the laser. I'm journalling about it on this blog, and you can read about it here.

Progress Reports

Here's where you can follow my journey under the laser. Wish me luck! And hair loss!

Laser Hair Removal :: The First Followup

Laser Hair Removal :: The First Zap

Laser Hair Removal :: War of My Legs Part 1

Disclaimer: FashionMista, nor its author, are qualified to give medical advice and cannot be held responsible for anything that may occur. Should you have a medical concern, please consult your physician.

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Rabidferret said...

Try as I may, I can't find an applicable use for this information for myself. Were I to be reborn a woman in the next life though, I will certainly keep it in mind.

Mista said...

Actually, it does work for a person's back as well. So I think it's just good for skin that is tortured.

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Jody and Travis said...

You will absolutely LOVE this book. . . "How to get the Perfect Brazilian Wax" by Molly Adrich. It is a must-read for any first timers (or even you veterans out there!). It answers every embarassing question imaginable and really demystifies the whole process of getting a professional bikini wax. You can get it at

Jody and Travis said...

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Sugar Strip Tease Fan said...

This is really important for the summer especially if you want to don those dashing swimsuits. Thanks for the tips. I am always comfortable with at-home bikini waxing though. I will try some of those that you recommended and keep you updated on the results

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