Sunday, June 19, 2005

A New York Wedding

Saturday night found us at a beautiful and unique New York wedding of a vivacious and good-hearted Italian Catholic from Pennsylvania, who is a former dancer turned Pilates studio owner/instructor (see bride in tutu below) and her New York groom who works in film and TV and makes documentaries.

We stepped down into The Vault, one of New York’s oldest bank vaults down in Wall Street, with me wobbling on my BCBG gold heels wearing a dark pink silk and velvet Betsey Johnson dress off the sale rack two years ago, David (Boyfriend the Location Manager) said it was a scene right out of Zoolander.

The wedding was in the actual bank vault, so we were surrounded by old safety deposit boxes which gave one the feeling of being the children in Mary Poppins when they visit Mr. Banks' bank and protect their little toppins. The men were hot and sweating in the lightly air conditioned room, and the women springing tears of joy as the rabbi told the story of how their union came to be.

This was the alter - very simple (and dark! sorry, no flash) with three candles for the bride, groom and their union, offset by roses.

The bride was beautiful and her wedding party was dressed in Vera Wang (but I don't have pictures! Stupid digital camera that wouldn't cooperate). I loved her alligator green shoes peeking out from under her dress (I think they were alligator...), which I noticed after the ceremony on the dance floor. Way to go Gina!

I DID manage to get pictures of the cupcake tower...yum...

Before I devoured it and but not without dying my lips the green of the leaves:

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