Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blogging From Camp

Or Not.

I was in an "e-free zone" this weekend up in the Adirondacks at a family reunion, which was filled with interesting people with jobs in film (my brother, who had to leave early to work on a 50 Cent video -I really hope he doesn't get shot), 3-D face recognition technology that is going to be featured on a National Geographic documentary on finding Adam (my cousin will be 'that guy' manning the computer that is programmed to map faces), young inventors, and wise old scientists and business leaders and innovators.

On the train ride up, I breezed through Lucky and saw the CUTEST maroon wedges from Seychelle's called "Wicked," and was dying to tell you all about them, but by the time I cracked into the e-free zone (please. the "summer house" was e-free, but the "winter house" just 40 feet away had a wireless setup), and escaped the tennis, golf and bike riding to break into the wireless connection, I couldn't find the wedges on the advertised website,! Sadly, I had to wait until I was back in the city, pray for my computer to start up (as it refused to start up when I left), and do a better search.

To no avail. But I did find these at ShopKitson!

Edelman-Dori Heels - $125

Mystique Leather Slides (Rhinestone Sole) $95

Fornarina Suede Pump $125

Jeffery Campbell Cork Platforms $95

Pray for my computer...

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