Thursday, June 14, 2007

Birthday, Paris and Dairy Queen Cakes

30th birthday wandMy birthday week/month has been a roller-coaster. That must be what happens when you A.) have a birthday in June which is when big film jobs start and people have weddings and B.) on a Tuesday, which means that it can last and last because it wasn't on the weekend or at least a Thursday. It included a French dictionary and itinerary (!!!), almost having a vacation in Newport, RI but ending up in a La Quinta in New Haven, a splurge hair cut also in New Haven (I was stuck there), and a Dairy Queen Cake.

This blue star want is my Magic Birthday Wand sent by my godmother, and it makes sparkling sounds when you even breath on it! So there were many sparkles to be had as I brought it with me to the park to meet friends, and it sang the whole way. As well as my official Singing Balloons that David sent, which the cats thought were bewitched.
30th birthday dinah singing balloons

David, at my request, did find a Dairy Queen birthday cake, which is almost impossible in New York. He was coming from Yale's campus, and it took 2 Dairy Queens to find one that made cakes. But then he had to find ice, which required a call to his Yale contact for local sources on where to find dry ice, which involved a killer dog who had to be restrained. And voila, a cake!

30th birthday dairy queen cake

A special package arrived mid-day from my mom and godmother, that had that wand in it, and a French pocket dictionary, and a guide of what to do, and an itinerary!! They pooled their miles together and we're going to Paris! But I failed French, so I'm not sure how I'm going to do! In the spirit of it though, I've started eating croissants for breakfast, in the spirit of the French Diet or whatever that is.

30th birthday paris

So David and I were supposed to go to Newport. He had a trip planned that involved a B&B and scooters. I took the train up to Yale where he's working on the hot shot movie that is filming there (they are obsessed with secrecy, so I dare not mention it here on this widely read blog ;) ) where we were going to drive to my 30th birthday weekend vacation. Rose, Gerdy's favorite dog sitter came over and I was all set. At 7am the morning we were supposed to leave, David got a call that he had to work over the weekend, and that all of the hotels were booked (we were in a Marriott) and poof, there went our vacation. I ended up in a La Quinta on the industrial edge of New Haven, CT while we paid Rose to walk Gerdy. The craziness! Plus, I was PMSing, so there was one "Katie Kaboom" and many trips made to the train station in my weak attempts to flee the La Quinta and spend the weekend at home on the couch.

Thank goodness that Yale is wireless cafe friendly, (and thank goodness for boyfriends that can handle PMS induced kabooms and buy a girl earrings, which is the proper thing to do) and I parked myself there for two days while David worked. And thank goodness for the hair salon Laura Ouellette Salon where I got a great cut and color in their small-town-feel-salon. The super nice dog-friendly owner told me to check out a secret place just 5 or so exits up. Enter Thimble Islands on the Long Island Sound, the new place I want to move to to be close to New York (note 30th Birthday Resolution). Here's a picture of one of the 25 or so houses on their own islands. No, I don't want to live on an island (we learned about he hardships of bringing running water and electricity into the house) but I want to live in a neighboring town.

30th birthday thimble island

Here's David walking down a nice path near the docks of this little town on the water. Looked just like Maine. Loved it.

30th birthday thimble island david

We continued driving through the neighboring towns, pretending like we would buy a house there, and stopped for some seafood. I had a fried oyster sandwich, and David had a fried clam sandwich. He says that his fried clam sandwich looked like this manicured bush/tree thing.

30th birthday clam plant

This would be my dream house on those shore towns, or whatever they are called. The houses were all dotted all along little side streets, with no care as to their layout, except that they all fit. LOTS of flowers. It was heaven.

30th birthday my future house


Anonymous said...

Omg, when are you heading to Paris?! Whatever you do, don't go during August...the bulk of the city shuts down for des vacances. :0l

Mista said...

We are going in October, so plenty of time to prepare the passport, and hopefully the city will be bustling! My godmother has been there bunches, so I'm putting all trust into her leading us around. So excited.