Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!

my 30th birthday cake design

I'm 30!
I am a big girl now! An official adult with adult things to do like make birthday cakes and beg someone to bring me a Dairy Queen cake from somewhere not Manhattan because apparently there are no Dairy Queens in Manhattan!
Being 30 means I can:
  • Hire a cleaning woman once a month. I snuck it in after the bedroom got painted because it was sooo dusty, and let me tell you, it is always worth hiring a professional do to something you are not a professional at. A professional will not overlook dusting books like you will, 30 times.
  • Own property! It was my vow to invest in real estate when I am 30. So here I am. Where will I move to? Upstate NY? Charleston SC? Will David come?
  • Be like Brangelina and expand the family. There may be a Baby Gerdy in the future, like if Gerdy could have puppies, but adopted, this little "Ewokian" would be her adopted dog. See pictures of the baby Ewokian here.
  • Make my wardrobe a priority, because I'm 30 now and I'm worth it. I have a pretty good wardrobe thanks to mom, but the time has come to step it up.
  • Continue expanding Katie James because it is just so fun, and I meet so many great people.

Ok, reflection time is over. Back to conference calls, building web pages, making a delish lunch, showering after my run (shh, don't tell), and maybe making the cats a new FashionMista (the term FashionMista was first coined as a plush cat toy for Dinah).


TIFFANY said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 30's...it's daunting at first then take alook around and there's lots of great 30's women! I love the plus of hiring a professional cleaning person- defintaely a plus.
Big hugs to you! and yes on the puppy!
Tiff & Bella

Courtney W J said...

You've got to be kidding me right? Our early 20's were filled with indulgences like alcohol, bad clothes, too much partying, food we shouldn't have eaten, and more so why would you want to stay in that decade of your life when you know so much more now?! For me, turning 30 last December, was the greatest thing. I feel wiser and more certain of myself and what I am doing in this/my lifetime. I have a wonderful husband, who I adore MOST of the time, an AMAZING daughter, and a son on the way...what more could I ask for?? I could think of some stuff, but I don't really need much now to make me happy. I have my health, my amazing family & friends, and the knowledge to have learned from my mistakes and know what I want for the most part- now that is powerful stuff I would NOT have understood or appreciated at 20, 21, or even 25! a cleaning person is always a MUST even if just once a month. As to the dog, yes, if you are ready for the extra responsibility, time, and expense...not to mention the space he/she will need. Of course you are moving, and YES, David will be joining you- are you dense! He's your match girl! Love you- Happy 30th Mista woman...Courtney

Mista said...

hehe! You are too funny, Courtney Girl! Everyone knows you have a PERFECT child who is just delicious! I'm starting to feel, in the midst of singing balloons from David and from getting an over the moon present from my mom and fairy godmother, that I kind of like looking around and realizing that I have survived that turbulent decade. A decade I looked forward to since a kid riding the school bus, but one that I survived nonetheless.

However, I never pictured life after my 20s! So let the visions begin!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Happy Belated Birthday! Where the heck have I been?! You're a June baby, too? My birthday is this Tuesday. :0l

Mista said...

June Babies rock! I'll come over to your blog and say happy bday!