Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kathy Griffin's D-List While Dusting

kathy griffin griffen d-listOk, so apparently I've missed a whole first season of Kathy Griffin, My Life on the D-List, which is really sad because all while walking through the subways, I'd see her posters with her in the seafoam prom dress hanging off the Hollywood sign and want to watch it. What is tonight, Tuesday? It's Tuesday, which means that I was watching Gilmore Girls and then promptly switched the TV off. Bad idea!

I really only watch Kathy Griffin when I'm flipping channels and see a Kathy Griffin clip and think: "Oh, there's that Kathy Griffin from Suddenly Susan. She's so funny." Flip. But I don't think there was ever a whole show with her on it. I guess there was Curb Your Enthusiasm. But I didn't watch it. Well tonight, I'm dusting the bedroom again because A.) I'm home alone because David is working on the big hot shot moving filming on Yale's campus and has to sleep there and B.) the stupid Building Blaster Guys are still blasting and I didn't turn the fans off in the windows, so I blew all of the building dust into my room. Enter Pledge, Windex, and Kathy Griffin.

I've been doing SEO stuff all day (yes, even designers who quit their day jobs still have to make other people's websites shine and rock the SEO world) and had to see how Kathy Griffin's website did. At first it didn't do very well, because I spelled her name wrong (kathy griffen). But then it did very well. And she's searched for at least 9,000 times a month on Yahoo, and people want "kathy griffin nude." Not 9,000 times nude, but they want it. So, this means that I need to Netflix her last D-List season. Oh, and here's her posting about the episode I just watched on her blog. And then there's her roommate Tom. I'm all typed out, but I had to mention him.


candice_elle said...

hi, my name is candice, and ive just been havin a look around... i read ur help post thingy for starting a blog etc, and im hoping u could advise to where i can acess blog templates to redesign my blog - im totally confused, because i cant figure out how alot of other blogs get such awsome custom designs.. please help.. :) um, my blog is called candy-elle if u would like to contact me..

Mista said...

Hi Candice-Elle,
I make my own designs, so I really don't know of a place to download templates...sorry! And even so, if you downloaded a template, that is still a pre-fabricated design that others have, so it's not really custom. But if you wanted a Katie James designed blog (that's me), then you can email me at fashionmista at gmail.com, or leave another comment here.

I looked for your blog and couldn't find it, so feel free to leave the entire URL here. If it's a Blogger or WordPress blog, you can start by first creating a custom made "header", or big graphic that goes across the top. In Blogger, you would access your Layout and hit Edit for the top part, and upload a picture. You would select to replace the header that is put there for you. It is similar in Word Press. Good luck! Check in again if you have questions.