Saturday, May 06, 2006

Beauty Day - Cheap Tricks

Every girl must have a beauty day at least once a month, if not twice. Some of you may have one every other day, but for those of us who get caught up in work or budget crisis, it must be worked in. Beauty Days are not just physical treatments. They are states of mind.

Today's Beauty Day consisted of:
1. Wake up at 7:30am to leisurely walk Gerdy in the park in morning sun.
2. 11:30am bikini wax at Scott J Aveda Salon Spa. This puts me on a heated water bed in good company, no double dipping, finished by the steaming towel. ($28 + $5 tip). More on how to get the best bikini wax.
3. Stay for complimentary "hand treatment" aka hand massage without the manicure. Try to hit beauty places that carry Aveda, as Aveda likes to promote their new products and encourages employees to sell, sell, sell, and so we reap the benefits of free treatments to lure us into buying the newest scent. (free)
4. Tall-half-caff-one-pump-vanilla Starbucks latte ($3.68)
5. Smell wonderful as you walk home (thanks Aveda), buy super perfumed lilacs from florist on street ($11)
6. Disperse lilacs all over house (see picture below) for fresh scents.
7. Sit outside in sun and think about whatever you need to, or read Narnia.

Also, please note up close view of my 'garden' in my kitchen. I'm quite obsessed with these flowers now. Gardening is the other thing I do on Beauty Days. The skinny fucia geranium on the far right has been with me for my entire NYC stay (4 years) and has been through many ups and downs. It was about to be on it's final down, so I cut it way back, got it a friend in its pot (for encouragement) and fresh soil. It's doing better now.

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