Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So Far So Happy - Benefits Makeup

Still on the quest for the perfect mascara, I've found a new one from San Francisco based Benefit and paired it with Benefit's Mr. Frosty pearly white eye color. That means that on the outs is the mascara from Fresh. It was voted too gloopy. I still love their liquid foundation, though.

I bought the Bad Gal mascara from Sephora, but from Benefit's website, you can get a gift set of black eyeliner and black mascara for cheaper (shucks). I love the way Mr. Frosty smoothly covers my lids in pearly/frosty white and really 'opens' my eyes! And the mascara brush was larger than the one I was used to, but just using it made me feel like I was making some vampy eyes, or could of if I wanted to.

Bad Gal Lash mascara

Mr. Frosty Eye Color

ps: what i really love about mr. frosty (and i love mr. frostry) is that he goes on like a cool, soft, fat crayon, but without going on too heavy.

Check out their website for all kinds of fun glitter liquid, gold eye color, acne care and color pumps. I kinda can't wait to get more makeup from them! Did somebody say: "birthday money"?

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Anonymous said...

also.....this girl who comes into the coffee house smells great! i asked her what she was wearing one day and she said " maybe baby" by benefit.. I had no idea who Benefit was... now I get it!


Mista said...

I'm getting good feedback from Benefit (comment, people! if you're going to email me, comment instead!)! So glad I found it. I was actually going to Sephora to buy my old-trusty Clinique, but it's not at Sephora. So I saw Benefit on my aimless wanderings around the store.