Monday, October 03, 2005


Yeah, you heard me! I stumbled upon this blog, or is it someone's undies drawer? It's Underwear Drawer. Can we talk about this? Never did I think I could discuss this in public. Heck, my mom doesn't even say bra out loud. It's B.R.A. spelled. But this girl sketches about it. Now I realize what my days have been missing: knickers! So, let's have a look at this cute blog about underwear, shall we? Now I just wish all of it was for sale!

Inspired by a flower show

9-5 Knickers

Click here to see more. Go buy knickers. Try H&M or Forever21 for cheap ones. Kelly Formerly From Work is the queen at this. Then, get off this blog and your computer and attack your man.

Oh boy, there's more! Thought you'd just hop right off, right? Well, click here (Pants HQ) for her website that sells underwear artwork made of fine materials...


the fabulous Miss T. said...

Dear Mista,
Why is "Katie James", Katie JAMES?
What is in the name?

Mista said...

Funny you should ask...