Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Katie James vs FashionMista

The Fabulous Ms. T asked a very good question earlier in a comment. Who is Katie James? Well, she really asked what's in the name, so I've opened the can of worms here.

This is something I've been wondering myself. As I read the wonderful Fashion Designer Survival Guide, I'm dipping into that place of who is Katie James? What does it mean to have an accessory or collectible piece of clothing from katie james? Is "katie james" even capitalized? I've been waiting to post this post until that perfect euphoric moment when worlds of ideas and identities collide that I used have when I drank coffe (i still sneak a half-caff-2-pump-vanilla-latte every now and then) - the tip of that caffine mixed with heavy cream and sugar high. Life is moving on, however, and doesn't feel like waiting for that perfect moment. So here it is. The beginning of the branding of katie james. That's what this blog is all about: the life and times of the development of "katie james." Before we get started, let's all know that JAMES is my middle name, which is my grandfather's name (you can read more about it here. Now, let's see what it means to be a "katie james" girl:

This is a raw email to David written the other day, after bantering back and forth about identities, of which I have many:

"who is fashionmista. that is a good question. for one thing,
fashionmista has a quarky sense of humor, introduces new characters on
the blog, and promotes other artists and styles. i'm not sure that i'd
want a katiejames blog to do that. the katie james blog looks so
white, so serious. im' just not sure WHAT to put there. i like that
fashionmista is its own thing. i'm very comfortable there. it's a very
raw place, of struggle and triumph, of silliness and random thoughts,
of input, where as katie james is a place of delusions of grandor,
imagination, soft, fairy-like, pretty, not of this earth but is now
invented. the fashionmista is the designer behind the curtain of katie
james. it's katie james unveiled. then of course there's always the
girl behind the blog, but pretty much, what you see is what you get.
fashionmistas aren't just any old fashionista. a fashionmista must
like quirky things. she must like animals, and she can be a guy.
fashionmistas don't go for the typical. they go for the odd, the
unexpected, the reinvented, hence the name. katiejames products are
just that - products that answer the need of a fashionmista.

so who is katie james? katie james is too close to me to define.
david, you define it well, if you call her a 'that girl.' katiejames
is a temptress. she is a seductress. she wears her clothes. her
clothes never wear her. she has good posture and promotes voluptuousness
(even if she doesn't have anything to fill a B.R.A., the clothes make some for her).
katie james has curves. katie james is feminine without being too
girly girly. katiejames is durable, withstands all weathers and can
usually be washed in cold water. katiejames is a feminist in
disguise, and always gets her way, and her pay. there are no glass
ceilings for the katie james girl. a katie james woman is always a
girl at heart, maintains her innocence even if proven guilty. and she
will be guilty some of the time. the katie james girl is smart,
independent and very resourceful. she can't wear any old fanny pack
made of nylon. she must have a satin belt for her fanny pouch (not
pack), and she must have it now. the katie james girl was born grown
up, she was born knowing, and she was born to blaze her own style."

Well? It's a start.

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