Monday, October 03, 2005


"Foxy Roxy" sashayed her little Staten Island/Spring Lake, 9.6lb, 21" body into Manhattan after 18 hours of labor (go Patty) this past Sunday! So far, we've had Baby Caitlin, who's obsessed with Starbucks, and Baby Roxy, who right has no other obsession than her cool name. Oh, and to make her name even cooler, her middle name is James!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have directions to STANTON Island?

Mista said...

Well, it looks like someone who could not identify themselves pointed out my bad spelling. It has been corrected and approved by my live-in Location Manager, who was unavailable yesterday when this was originally written.

Know this, dear visitors: this is a spellingbee-free environment. There will be plenty of spelling errors here. If you're going to poke, leave your name, or at least make one up.