Thursday, October 06, 2005

Katie James on

On a late night whim, I submitted katie james to a website called, and waited. Today the email arrived in my inbox saying that they would like to include katie james in their online boutique, which "is a portal for emerging designers who, while managing the daily responsibilities of running one's own line, may not have access to distribution or the financial means for promotion and marketing. "


Must go now, as there is lots to do at work, then when I get home, there is lots to plan around for katie james, including reading Fashion Designer Survival Guide (but I keep re-reading the Harry Potter series, and am just about to complete Book 2 and have the best theory on Lord Voldemort). Then I'll be gathering things for the Chow Chow and now for

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Anonymous said...

What a Juggler. A business plan for katie-james, harry potter's real meaning, and the survival guide for the fashion mista!!
You go girl!!