Friday, October 21, 2005

Endorphins Are Good

I mean they really are. Part of the writer's block for the Katie James Business Plan is a result of my stopping of the jogging, which means less endorphins running around my little brain. My running shoes are maybe 2 years old and are taking their toll on my poor, young knee, so until I buy another pair, it's slow circulation of the brain for me - until I started pumping iron in the morning (well, not really pumping iron, just doing sit ups and lifting some 10pounder free weights to get those Jennifer Anniston arms). Speaking of which, you all should be working out at work in your offices! See the FashionMista 10Minute Office Work Out called Drop and Give Me 20! We all should start doing it again! It really kick-starts the brain by getting the blood flowing!

It's very interesting, but that long ago post featuring Formerly Kelly From Work, is getting hits and is having the images featured in it Googled. That means that people are Googling the image of Kelly doing a push up and dips. Isn't that odd? And I have no idea where they are coming from...

To answer a comment from Formerly Kelly From Work regarding my new suplement habit, it's going ok. I forgot to take them yesterday and need to take a dose now. The only noticeable difference is that they all get sort of lodged in the bottom of my throat, as I take 10 2x daily. David is worried about my liver, but I assured him that since these were whole food supplements, they shouldn't affect that. Plus, one of them is a liver whole food supplement, so it can't be that bad, right?

Oh, and I do not have the chapped lips happening, like I did last winter, thanks to plenty of water and Fresh's Orlando Lip Shine Palette.

Can we say that I have a new obsession with Fresh (see how I love their foundation), and that I want to become Fresh?

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