Monday, June 27, 2005

Drop and Give Me 20!

That's right. Drop and Give Me 20 means what it says: drop from your chair and give me 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 leg scrunches, the plank and a few extras. These are quick office exercises you can do in your office to keep you conscious and keep you toned. It takes just 15 minutes. Tops. So, close your door, and listen up.

Today, we have KellyW demonstrating these little exercises we do here in the office. Mind you, if wearing a skirt, be sure to face the wall if in public! Also, if your janitor comes around to pick up your trash late in the afternoon, which is about when we do these office exercises, keep your ears open, as you on the floor is not a good site. Oh, and, get a yoga mat. It makes these office exercises cleaner and easy.

#1: The Sit Up

Hands behind your head, keep your chin up and lift to the ceiling. Picture your stomach flat and toned as you crunch it, and it will be so!! The lower your legs are bent, the lower you hit your abs. So, to work off that pasta-pouch or mini gut, lower those legs. Then, if you're really ambitions, raise your legs so your body is in the shape of an L and do 20 more crunches.

#2: The Push Up

You can do the 'girl push up' where your knees are on the floor, not your feet, or the regular push up shown here. I do the girl push up, but Kelly goes to exercise classes every day, so she can have her own little party with real push ups. Note: ideally, you should keep your head up and level with your back, not watching your progress or your stomach.

#3: The Plank

Yuch, but Kelly makes me do it. But doesn't she look good? Kelly tells me this is good for your stomach, arms and butt. We hold it for 30 seconds, and do another round. Remember to keep breathing! It's easy to hold your breath on this one. Like anything else, keep your stomach and butt tight. Squeezing your butt muscles in the Plank is harder than it sounds!

#4: The Leg Scrunch

In a 90 degree angle, lift your leg backward and squeeze your butt for 20 little reps. You'll work your triceps a bit too, as you hold yourself up. And of course, repeat for your other leg.

#5: The Standing Scrunch

This movement is similar to the Leg Scrunch. Keep your hips pointing straight ahead and squeeze your butt again for 20 little reps for each leg. If you're really ambitious, you could do another round of 20, but extending your leg out to the side, like a ballerina. This works those hip flexors, and we know what THOSE are good for!

#6: The Dip

And finally, the Dip. Pull up a stationary chair, hands facing forward, palms down, and dip until your triceps hit a 90 degree angle. Repeat, oh I don't know, until it burns.

And that's it! I highly recommend a light 30 minute walk outside in the sun. Last time I did it, I passed Irving Plaza and saw that the Cowboy Junkies were playing. I never would have known. Now drop and give me 20!

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