Friday, October 21, 2005

Lemon Meringue Costume Done!


...a meringue skirt made with raw silk, organza and stiff wedding tulle...with the petticoat basically on the outside (keep in mind, i do not know how to sew a skirt...i just sketch ' this is a real improve...also, i know it's hard to see the picture, but that's the best i can do this late at night...hopefully i'll get a better one on halloween...)

the skirt:
green raw silk on top and underneath, covered with a yellow organza, poofed out with a stiff tulle underneath...oh, and held together like a corsette with orange tulle as the tie...

worn with this katie james bustier:

based on this Lemon Meringue sketch:

based on this Lemon Meringue inspiration:

ok, so mine doesn't have any sleeves...

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