Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katie James in Weatherbird!

This original post was way too long, but know this: I got into my first favorite boutique located in the charming town of Damariscotta, Maine. Located in the back of town, above my favorite pottery store called Damariscotta Pottery (where I can only afford ash trays that become jewelry holders), it is a cafe/boutique combo. Yummy to your hearts delight. Pick from french presses, tea things, candles, velvety scarves, award winning home-made pies, HOBO wallets, local jewelry, and more, Katie James will be a new item (fingers crossed that it sells!)

This year I was in Weatherbird buying tiny little Christmas presents (NYCM got bath stuff from them last year), when I inquired with the lady behind the counter about a certain little vinyl Walker pouch that was sort of similar to my dog treat pouch to see how it was selling. We got to talking, Mom showed her her Katie James checkbook cover, and the lady behind the counter suggested I call the women who buy for Weatherbird the next day, make an appointment, and show the jewelry pouch and checkbook cover.

Well, I did. Yesterday, David woke me up early to go with him to hit golf balls (had to redeem his swing after a previous game). The plan was to return for a morning adventure of kayaking. But, my intensions were to continue the 10 minutes into Damariscotta to visit Weatherbird. I told no one of my plan, as I am very shy about these things. I did what any girl would do with a man and a car and a set of clubs: I hijacked him to take me into town.

I called ahead, got to the store, collected the rest of my Christmas presents that I had on hold (just you wait, my pretties!), and waited for a new (and very enthusiastic about Katie James) lady behind the counter to get the women who buy for the store. Very excitingly, they liked the jewelry pouch and checkbook cover, and bought both in different colors! So, my first stop when back in New York is to Mr. Richie, the manufacturer, to make more pouches.


Anonymous said...

I love hearing about Maine. are you back in NYC yet?? we have LOTS to catch up and talk about!! miss you..

So excited that you went into the store and did that! yeyyyyyy I told you , you just have to DO IT and be confident.

Is that the store where you bought your ring? From what I've heard, I love that store.

Are you totally detoxed now from being in ME? hope so.

Can't wait to catch up. Call ASAP..

kelly from work.

Anonymous said...

You are so amazing. I am sure that David didn't mind be hijacked after your success with the store buyer- how FABULOUS! I am so excited for you and your little fashion company. Things are looking good my friend, and it is all because of you, your hard work & dedication, and your creativity. You go girl!

Best wishes on continued success for Katie James. I love my checkbook cover. And, I am looking forward to wearing my Katie James orignal top and jacket as I am now back into my regular clothes- so nice. Caitlin can't wait to meet her Aunt Katie. She's getting so big. I can't believe she's now 11 days old.

Love to all,

Mista said...

Little Caitlin is precious! I think she needs her own Katie James soft blanket soon. Come my visit to CLE, I will be bearing gifts for her, one of which i loved in my childhood (ok, it's a stuffed animal, and i still sleep with one, but this one is special to maine).

Thanks for your encouragement! You were, after all, my first customer! Meantime, I'll keep on clickin the wheel of that sewing machine. :)

Mista said...

As for the above comment from the former kelly from work, no, this store is not where I bought the famous returned wedding band. But that store is just down the road... :) This store is just a store my mom and I go into every year, and was like the first real store I ever liked (I HATED shopping, probably because my mom took me to off the beaten path places instead of the Gap, so for the younger years, I felt 'different', but then I found Weatherbird and felt yummy.

Thanks to you for your encouragement and pushes! I had you in the back of my mind when I hijacked David.