Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jewelry Pouches For Everyone!!

They're here! The newly revived jewelry pouch with 3 straps for dangly earrings, 2 loops for rings or necklaces, and 5 pockets for everything else. Trials and tribulations? Yes, there were some. The sample was made in a variety of ways: first the draw strings didn't draw closed, then the pockets were sewn perfectly upside-down, then the snaps didn't get sewn on the ring loops. But they are here now. More colors are to come, and I'm thinking velvet for winter. But for now, raw silk is our old, yet very feminine, trusty. You can buy a jewelry pouch through the Katie James website (no shopping cart yet, though...still huffing and puffing to get that done...).


kelly from work said...

Now I can stop blaming you for my missing pieces of jewels. I have been putting my earrings, bracelets, rings, you name it, in my wallet everyday for the past year before I go to the gym. Then I have to scramble to get it out, without dropping dollar bills and bank receipts. Finally the day has come. Unfortunately, it is on the LAST DAY OF work and the gym!! haaaaa
but, I will certainly use this pouch in my new life path, too.


heart you,
Kelly from work ( or the artist formerly known as)

Mista said...

since this is your last can have one, courtesy of Dinah the cat.

New York City Mouse said...

Gorgeous! These are so very. And the design of the hooks and whathaveyou is ingenious.

And K from Work, I'm so sad that you're leaving. What will become of gladys????

the artist formerly known as ( kelly from work) said...

Could I be any happier??

To all who read this blog,
My new little pouch is perfect. I even hung up my little hook earrings... I flipped the pouch around a few times ... did the earrings fall out??? .......

No. you heard it here folks.

Thanks Katie ( and Dinah) for my send-off/farewell gift... I couldn't be happier :)


K work said...

NYC Mouse,
Yes it's my last day. Glady will continue, as every time I talk to her we have TONS of new material. It doesn't end with Gladys and her accent and one-liners.

" It's nice to be wanted, even if it's by the police."

the scary thing is every day I'm more and more like her!!

Kotie and I will still blog Gladys.. I'll make special podcast dates

Mista said...

KellyW doesn't know this yet, but Gladys is hired to appear every Friday. Yeah!