Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dog Treat Pouch aka Feed Bag

You've heard a lot of talk. I keep promising to finish the pattern for the dog treat pouch. Well I have now, and you can buy them at in the Dog Friendly area!

dog treat bag

This pleather dog treat pouch, or "feed bag," will hold the messiest of dog treats. Hot dogs, roasted turkey, smoked turkey, chedder cheese, chicken, tofu! Anything your doggie-obsessed heart desires to reward your dog for good behavior, you can safely put in this treat bag, which attaches to your belt buckle. The pleather makes for easy easy cleaning. On the front of the treat pouch is another hook (pictured above) for your house keys. I'm also making a pocket-purse to accompany the dog treat pouch for cell phones and maybe an iPod. Stay tuned.

Behind the scenes, this is what the dog treat bag looked like while in development:
cute dog treat bag pouch

cute dog treat bag pouch

cute dog treat bag pouch

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