Monday, September 26, 2005

Great. LeftHanders Prone to Breast Cancer

First it was left-handers were more prone to experiencing random accidents like burning one's self on the stove because the utensils were designed for a right handed person. Then it was left-handers were probably going to die sooner because of these accidents. Now, according to the British Medical Journal, for some reason, left-handed women who have had a child are more prone to breast cancer. Get the article here.

There is truth in the fact that many things are designed for a right-handed preference, but we really don't notice them (but I do). My things, however, are designed for lefties. :)


Kelly Ohio said...

Plus you are more likely to be genius or insane than your average righty. But the biggest problem is that no one wants to sit next to you at a dinner table.

Mista said...

Rather, I prefer not to sit next to stuffy old righthanders. I much prefer the Corner as my table mate.