Monday, August 22, 2005

My Very Own Pile of Paper!

I come home today after a very average Monday of resisting a strange but familiar swelling in the right side of my head due either to revived allergies or reminisced caffine withdrawl headache (I quit mandatory caffeine months ago), to a little Priority Mail package buried almost under the stacks of magazines on our coffee table from One Good Bumblebee. Yes, people, I bought a pile of paper of my very own to cut and paste into any collage I like! Plus, I bought a very nice limited edition print by Katey Nicosia of One Good Bumblebee.

It felt quite like what Ralphie must have felt like when he opened his prize from his chocolate Ovaltine drinks! Not only am I so excited to investigate this pile of paper, which smells of a tobacco box and is made up of old pictures of birds, ducks, letters from attorneys and a cursive written report of some kind, and more, but I am curious and excited about this indie designer world. Indie designers are all over the place, making all sorts of things and selling them with great looking shopping carts, and sending them in meticulously packaged packages. Impressed I am; aspire to I will.

You know I get way too excited over the littlest things. Well, rest assured, I am exited about this discovery of indie designers. I kind of feel like the ugly duckling who found her people. In fact, I'm going to write another post about it...but for now, I must eat scary Purdue chicken for dinner that my mom left in the freezer from her stay, and meet the best dog trainer in NY about a website beauty makeover check (she believes in 'instant gratification' like with Pavlov's Dogs, and I must admit, it's working when she pays me quick)...


New York City Mouse said...

Fabulous! And I have to ask, did you get a free owl pin?

Mista said...

I did get the free owl pin! I've never been one to collect those little pins (primarily b/c an ex boyfriend had all sorts of little punk pins, so I was a little adverse to the whole idea), but now I am going to start. I even have some 'cheeky' pins in my office.