Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mices Under Siege!

All: I was calmly completing website work/website revamp for my new and first client, Sit Stay Dog Training (must earn the big bucks to keep this fashion thing going...someone has to pay the pattern maker), when I checked the blog of my good friend, NYCM. NYCM runs a blog called Country Mice in the City, where she and her fellow mices discuss her sex life, knitting, and the hyped up world of publishing. NYCM, due to strange circumstances, wanted to duck out of her blog, and cancel it! So, to rally the cause for the longevity of Country Mice in the City, I suggest you all go over there and post lots of comments, after reading it of course, and getting caught up in their strange, mouse-like wittiness. NYCM even has her very own custom made katelette from Katie James, that she is wearing here.

Follow this sign:

As you saw earlier this week, I've already lost one Kelly. The other two Kellys are on this blog, and I can't lose them all at once! Now, I was off to get a burger before going on this jaunt, so I'm going to go do that, and hope to not get too soggy and cold a burger since I ordered it ages ago.

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