Friday, August 19, 2005

Gladys on Rolling Totes

Gladys is on a shopping marathon for....rolling totes for KellyW's birthday. Click below for the podcast, and see below for featured totes from Flight 101.

PodCast: (now, hold your little petunias. these take a minute to download. ga'head. make a sandwhich)
Gladys on the tote

The REAL Gladys on the tote!

KellyW doesn't lik any of these, but at least they don't have rollers, and you might like them. Not sure

Here's what she says about the bags:

"Ew. That looks like "Clarrisa Explains It All"

"I LOVE that one! Pan Am! Isn't it awesome?"
Yeah, whatever, Kel. Comment below if you support this one.

Kelly has no response to this, and is sickened.

"No, Katie"
me: "But Kel, you can put your Tupperware lunch in one pocket, and a cell phone in the other!"
"I cannot be your manager (for Katie James) if you would support a bag like that."
KellyW and I will discuss this offline.

What do you think: wheels or no wheels? Pan Am or Scary Swirls? Or if you know of really cute totes, please, tell us here.

Happy weekend!

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