Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fabric, Patterns and Bookshelves

My pattern for the doggie treat pouch was not even touched by my seamstress. Luckily, she went over how to add the details I want on the pouch, being that I had basically created the pattern myself when I made the sample, but I insisted on pattern ignorance. However, since she'll be on vacation for this week, I'm forced to take the pattern by the pencil and start cutting.

Step 1 to winging your way through a pattern: trash-pick a pine-wood bookshelf from the corner high-rise for your fabric that is strewn all over the little sewing room after a. your boyfriend moved in and your little nooks and crannies squeezed on top of eachother, and b. your IKEA shelf holding your fabric finally fell off the wall under the wight of heavy cottons.

Step 2: re-organize fabric into bookshelves that you've sqeezed into the over-crowded sewing room that now competes with Boyfriend's guitar picks, guitar string tuner, and random office supplies.

Step 3: windex everthing.

Step 4: fall over into couch in mental exahstion.

Yeah, I haven't started the pattern in the above plan, but I prepared for it. I am organized now, and not overwhelmed by unfolding fabric stuffed into temporary corners on either side of my desk, sprinkled with white plaster from the Great Fall.

Onward to the pattern.

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