Thursday, August 11, 2005

Keys to my Heart

...are in fabric...and thread count. You want a nice night, or for me to get a good sleep? Clean, good cotton, 350 or 400 thread count. Wamsutta is my favorite semi-affordable sheet when it's on sale (hence, none of my sheets match - but try this link for high thread count sheets on sale - not sure if they are Wamsutta or not), but I digress. Behold a keychain of left over Anne Klein quilted fabric with a gingham raw silk on the inside.

This little number is for my mom, so that she can always have keys to my apartment. But anyone who has keys to my apartment needs just a wee bit of delicious fabric to live with it. Boyfriend got a green silky ribbon with his, and sweet that he is, he actually left it on until it fell off. In those days, I just tied it in a knot. Now I'm developing a yummy fabric keychain to wear on your wrist for ease, and is big enough to quickly locate and find in your purse. There will be more details in the future, but for now, this is as far as my little skill set will take me. Time for the pattern maker!

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