Friday, August 12, 2005

Ode to KellyW

The third and final major Kelly in my life is coming to an end - in the form that I know her. Good (or bad) things come in 3s, or something like that, and KellyW was my third work-friend now real-friend named Kelly. All Kellys are wonderful, all Kelly's a spunky, most have Irish blood, and so far, all are seasoned with a great wit and a dash of craziness, or not-normalness, which is exactly how I like them.

I write this now as Kelly gives her 2 weeks notice to our boss. Where we work really isn't that important, as it's not in publishing or film, but in an industry that's really a community trying to save the world. I manage the website, and my trusty side-kick KellyW, runs the office. This was her first, her very first job out of college, and we all know what that means: a position taken after the ground has been pulled from beneath your feet. You want to do great things, including saving the world, and you'd like to live in a decent apartment with an occasional pedicure.

KellyW, from her first day here, caught my zainy attention when she came into my office, looked over my anal filing system with it's right-only clear tabs and right-only manila folders, and breathed a sigh of: "Dreamcicles!" From then on, my days were filled with sunshine and a new vocabulary. Not to mention, KellyW is my unofficial business manager for Katie James and a natural promoter. Any establishment is going to be lucky to have her.

There are many things I should be doing here at work, but my heart is filling with a mix of sadness over my future without KellyW 10hrs a day, and excitement over KellyW's new future and goals. Long time readers may remember when KellyW got her certification in childbirth education through Lamaze. She is taking this to a new level. Kelly is tapping into her desire to teach (she'll be following in Gladys' footsteps to greatness and adoring fans) by going back to school for her teaching certificate, while managing a very cute, once coffee shop now restaurant in Brooklyn, using her years of waitressing experience and business management training gainied in college.

My life of sunshine and Kelly Dreamcicles is not over, as someone has to get Gladys in a pod, and someone has to feed me when I visit the cutest little coffee shop turned restaurant in Brooklyn. So until then…

Good luck!

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kelly from work ( aka retired kelly , friend #3) said...

my dearest kotie,

I just felt like I was reading my obituary, which was an exciting ( and erie) feeling.

To make you proud I'm going to make this comment filled with code. see!

Thanks for the kind words. You are my dreamcicle and I have learned more from you than any other mentor :)

heart you. heart your blog. heart my obituary.

can't wait to teach your kids in first grade and serve you gazpacho :)