Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mom Speaks! (shhh, she's incognito)

I told Mom about Gladys being the resident mom on the blog. She responded. Note: my mom is actually in the business of fashion. She's been repping a line of clothing from our home over the years, which gave us time to bond with Dad over bowling when the kids had to leave the house to make privacy for "the ladies."

Here's what she said:

"Ok..ok..I got your message. I've been replaced. Can't wait to meet your other mother Gladys. But I still think ballet pink and brown will be big. Just a hunch. Katie's Mom--Leena--(so i don't get stalked)"

Ballet pink and brown. I like that, and I think the mix works for tomboyettes! As I mentioned in a comment, lavender is not good for normal skinned blondes without a few highlights. It pales the skin. It's beautiful on dark skin, and maybe a dark-haired snow-white babe. So I'm agreeing with my mother here, as ballet pink and brown have always been my favorites, and really good tasting when mixed in that chocolate/strawberry/vanilla ice-cream pop. Perhaps the next pedicure will be in ballet pink.

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