Wednesday, August 24, 2005 Is Hired

Just to follow up, a single friend, aka fellow member of the Turkey Sisterhood, took my recommendation of using to actually do carpentry in her new apartment. Feedback? They were great! She budgeted a whole lot of time for them, figuring they'd be slow, but boy were they not! The hired boyfriend finished early and was looking for more work, which she is finding for him.

He may have even been cute. Not sure, as I heard this through the Turkey Gobblevine, but he might have been. I'm also not sure if the boyfriends for hire are actually someone else's boyfriend, or if they have to be single. Will investigate.

Meanwhile, there's a sudden infestation of flies in my clean house, which I am chasing down with 409 spray as they are too quick for me to swat.

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