Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hopping for HopStop for NY Subway Directions

It's true, I can't stop talking about the best way to get NY subway directions - HopStop! On the way home tonight, I was raving about how subway directions are so easy to get and follow through HopStop when I saw a new young intern fresh from Rochester hovering in a corner of the Time Square subway stop at W. 40th (ok, she wasn't hovering, but she was in a corner, and she wasn't moving). When she saw me, she leaped out calling "Hey-I'm-so-glad-I-saw-you!" even though I didn't see her yet, and had no idea she was talking to me. Poor thing, she was lost, trying to find her way back to the lower east side via subway. Lucky for her, I was there. Double lucky for her I'll see her tomorrow so that I can load up the mobile version of subway directions to her cell phone. Yes, HopStop can send subway directions to your phone for free if you text them the start and end of your trip. Amazing!

To get subway directions to your phone, just go to HopStop.com and click "Mobile" in the top right hand of the screen. My brother figured it out, and it's actually very easy. I was always just intimidated and assumed it cost $$, but it's free. Free subway directions to your phone when you're not at the computer!! After you click on the link, just follow the directions. You'll need to plug in your phone number and carrier. Once you register, HopStop will text you a confirmation. Every time you submit a subway direction inquiry, you'll send it to nyc@hopstop.com (or different if you're in another city that has HopStop).

You'll plug in your starting addressed followed by a "to" the ending address. If your destination is in another borough other than Manhattan, you'll add the borough at the end of the starting address, like 281 Clinton Street Brooklyn to 555 Park Avenue. Easy as pie!

Love pie. Love HopStop.

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