Monday, August 15, 2005

Go See My Date With Drew

You know I'm all about promoting the little gal (or guy), and in this case I am so excited by the movie, "My Date With Drew" great, so funny, so real, so inspiring if you have an unbelievable dream that would break your heart if it did not come true - with a lot of work and ingenuity, that is. It is the movie/documentary for people pursuing hair-brained schemes made possible by 6-8-12 degrees of separation.

Mom, Boyfriend and I went to see "My Date With Drew" this weekend in Time Square in a Lowe's theatre I did not even know existed 4 floors below the Virgin music record store at 45th and Broadway, right where 7th intersects (we felt very safe, as we felt like we were in a nuclear fall-out shelter). Mom wanted to see it, and thought it was a chic-flick, so my filmmaker brother refused to come, and Boyfriend, good man that he is, dutifully came (and kept us dry under his mammoth golf umbrella while it finally downpoured). I hadn't really heard of this movie (which is really a documentary), and actually thought it was winding down on its run, but it's only just begun...

The theatre shows mainly Bollywood movies - who knew?? "My Date With Drew" was like the only American movie playing there, and was sooo good! Brian, a 27 year old struggling filmmaker in LA, has been kind of obsessed with Drew Barrymore for years, and was even in her fan club when he was 10. After winning $1100 on a quiz show, he decided to get with his filmmaker friends and use the money to film them trying to get him a date with Drew. He had 30 days (the period of the camera rental) and no full time job, or any job for that matter.

The sheer ingenuity he used was beautiful. The conviction that he had, and the faith that his friends had, was addictive and encouraging to all who are convinced that a crazy, severely out of reach dream can come true. See "My Date With Drew" and watch how fast the wheels turn for this guy when coming up with new ways of getting to Drew - and the best part - watch him do those ideas. Everyone has great ideas. It's just a matter of doing them!

As for me, I'm hopefully picking up today samples of new jewelry pouches, and a pattern for a rockin' vinyl doggie treat pouch that can hold the grossest of dog treats, or the cutest of wallets and cell phones for yourself - you decide.

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