Thursday, July 21, 2005

T-shirts: Kadorable, Sit Stay, Just Dumped

Because that's when I get to learn about all the cool people making T-Shirts, and these guys at Kadorable (they are really called Kadorable with no s, but I've alywas said 'kadorables for some reason, and so am leaving it there.

And my favorite of the month, my dog-trainer friend of Sit Stay Dog Training, has a bunch of awesome cuttie T-shirts with her dogs all over them:

for this T-shirt:

or this T-shirt series -


How cute are those! Order today!

PS: For those of you (bloggerettes, lawyers, actresses, teachers who paint fish, landscapers, dentists (just THINK of the dentists shirts you could make!) wanting to make your own T-shirts, Cafe Press seems to be the cool place to do it...

For the wonders of SEO purposes, t-shirt companies and dog trainers linked to in this post are:
Sit Stay Dog Training
Cafe Press

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