Thursday, July 28, 2005

Finally - A Travel Store

Oh my goodness, you guys. I've stumbled upon something wonderful for our travels! Thanks to the feature of a collapsible dog water bowl on Scoop Du Jour (the next best thing to Daily Candy, I recommend you sign up for this daily shopping and beauty email) I was turned onto Flight 001.

Just when you think you're having a downer day, how could you with these perky travel products? I need to get Gerdy the collapsible dog dish pronto! Sweet little thing that she is.

The Store: Flight 001

The Luggage:


And for your laptop:

I personally have one and LOVE it. It's pink, of course, and was purchased at Kate's Paperie as one of my last charges on my credit card :sniff:

Don't forget your sleepy-time sleep mask:

Let's not forget the dog:

And for fun, some Goody slippers:

My fingers really ache from all this typing, mouse-moving and site building today (remember, in my other life, I am a webmaster by day) and am compelled to go home and start my new computer!! That's right, I got a new PowerBook 12" and it is just teensy and adorable. I also have to fix a few things to my jewelry pouch pattern to take to the manufacturer tomorrow. There's a new addition to the inside of it for earrings that I think you will like...

Shout outs today were given to:
Scoop Du Jour
Flight 001
Arts and Passions Boutique
Kate's Paperie

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