Monday, July 18, 2005

Back in NYC - Barely

First off: we're boycotting ATA and Delta Song. If you'd like to get to New York without having to sit in a plane for 8 hours on the runway, then don't fly ATA or Delta Song. Oh, and if you'd like not to be pampered and accommodated while sitting in the back of the plane with crying babies, an unresponsive air traffic controller tower (aka "dictatorship" as dubbed by the captain), and poor "negotiating tactics" (as suggested by the captain) regarding getting you on the docket to fly into LaGuardia, then do not fly ATA. Oh, and if you'd like to be teased with a sitcom while you're waiting on the runway, only for the sound to be cut off for the next sitcom ("The Andy Griffith Show"), followed by a polite $2 pitch for earphones to hear the TV, then do not fly ATA. Lastly, if you do not like fast, rocky, cabin-shaking landings, do not fly ATA or Delta Song. Also, it doesn't help that transportation in New York completely shuts down in the rain.

Most importantly, the weekend in Mississippi was great (can't show you pictures yet due to the computer thing)! The Wal-Mart pedicures were way expensive ($30 for the pedicure and $45 for mani-pedi). We bartended (aka drank all the Yellow Tail chardonnay - yum!) and danced our hearts out to The Delta Mountain Boys (my hamstrings are really sore after all the bouncing the Irish-like fiddle playing in bluegrass music makes your body do).

(thanks, boys, I borrowed your picture...surely you won't mind?)

We lunched in the same restaurant as a couple of real chapters of the Red Hat Club (click here for book reference) called the Dixie Dandelions and the Femme Fatales. Two real Queen Bees were lunching and allowed me to take their picture!

Afer a blinding downpore, Mom and I walked from our hotel to a Waffle House (yes, I ate a three layer chocolate pie - always get the pie from Waffle House).

Actual pictures of the wedding are to come - I swear. :)

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