Saturday, July 16, 2005

Bloggin' from the Delta!

That's right - I've flown to Jackson, Mississippi to attend my college roommate's wedding! Otherwise known as "Little Katy," I was "Big Katie" (because I was taller - no really) as we partnered in crime all over the College of Charleston.

So far, we've spent the most time in Wal-Mart getting our nails done (never heard of that), secretly buying tulle with our other friend Suzanna (if you've never met a beautiful girl who dipped and talked in a thick Tennessee drawl, here's your chance) for Katy's tierra, breaking all of Wal-Mart’s fabric table rules by cutting our own when the little old lady who didn't even know what tulle was didn't show up for hours to cut it for us, and gallivanting all over this swamp filled state by packing 17 girls into a little Honda (ok, more like 8) for the bachelorette celebration. Was that not the longest, most grammatically incorrect sentence you've ever read?

Pictures are to come for real. I've bought a new memory card for my trusty little digital camera. I'll have to maneuver how I'm going to download them, since my computer is broken (I'm on my dad's computer right now, who is also at the wedding with my mom).

Until then!

PS: just found out, that my midwestern parents packed their own hamburgers from home - with ice block in the suitcase on the plane - in order to control how much salt is in their burgers and spend on other, funner things. Hmm.

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